Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My first xc in zapata

Well i woke up at 6 am with some excitement for a potential world record day. Jamie and i went out to the airstrip around 7 am and got organised in case it was the day that we have been waiting for. After a long couple of hours monitoring the weather our feelings were decreasing as there were not many clouds. The only thing that was to save us was the strong wind so we thought maybe with a later launch we still had a chance. Pete and i launched around 10:45am being towed to 3500ft our max height allowed, and dribbled downwind over the Mosquite bushes in light lift. As there is airspace at laredo we needed to push some crosswind which was not so easy when your max altitude was aroung 3500ft. We eventually got past Laredo a fair bit upwind still with not much landings and very little roads. We were now like 40 miles out and it had taken us nearly 2 hours i thought that we needed to start pushing harder if we were going to have any chance at the record. I started to get some good climbs then i heard that davis had landed 62 mile out and way off to my west, this did not stop me i kept driving hard untill i found myself low and drifting with no where to go except for a small opening in the mosquite trees. thay are a similar size to olive trees except they have big thorns on them like roses. As it was windy i managed to hover down in a area about 3 times my glider, i can tell you it was one of my smallest landing fields. They only good thing was that it was near a road which was the 3rd road i had come across on my 120km flight.. We then met up with davis and the rest of the crew in Laredo for launch, apart from Bo who had taken off later and was still flying without radio on a falcon. He ended up flying a new world record 190 miles (300kms). gary osaba i think was going to crack the 1000kms on his 7/8 scale sailplane 40:1 and robin hamilton on a swift flying more than 400miles. Tomorrow we should have a lighter east wind so the potential for a record is not likely..