Thursday, September 15, 2005

Home Again!!!

Well after a long trip I finally arrived home to some good flying. I think that is just what I needed to get over the jetlag. I arrived back at home thursday night and woke up friday morning and decided I should go for a fly. It was a light westerly so I went upto to Tamborine and set up. I took off and climbed out with big jon and I decided to go over the back towards the Gold Coast and then fly up the east side of Beechmont over my house then to launch. It was a great day with cloudbase about 5,000ft I continued heading into the Lamington National Park crossing over into the Oreilly's guest hose then glided out into the Lost World. I got low there so I turned around and headed back to Canungra and landed next to my car for a nice 75kms round about through the beautiful mountains that this area has to offer. After landing I had just enogh energy to drive home and go to bed so that I could get up and do it again tomorrow.