Sunday, January 07, 2007

Forbes Day 1

The comp is shaping up to be good with nearly all of the top 20 pilots in the world here it is like a world championship. We had a morning briefing and then it was out to the airport to set up. gerolf,Atilla and I are on the task committee and we decide on a 157km downwind task to the southwest. The towing was not that organised and it took longer to get everyone up than it should. Once in the air it was scratchy lift and a big blue hole above us and on course line. I dove off towards the SE for a cloud line and was rewarded with a good start at 7,500ft asl. It was slow climbs but we had about 25kms tailwind so we were still making good time. I flew a slightly more downwind course with about 6 others but got left behind after scratching low about 100kms from goal. I finally got back up and could see the others ahead of me so I kept pushing hard. I decided not to follow them and take a more upwind route and managed to over take them just beofre the end. Dave seib was even more upwind of me and was now in front and will win the day followed by Robert resinger and then me in 3rd. We had 36 pilots in goal with a few of the big names missing. Considering it was the first day it all worked out quite well.