Wednesday, August 15, 2007

285kms longest goal ever!!

The weather was looking good again today and with a rest tomorrow it was no suprise to see a 285km task set. kraig and I had slow climbs out of the field and only just made the first start gate. Everyone did the first start and soon the gaggle was split up after 20kms. The main gaggle went to the right for the clouds some went left and some of us went straight.
I ended up with dustin,Mario and a few other good pilots and our group was pushing on great. I was gaining distance on the main gagle after they got slowed down early in the task. About 180kms from goal our gagle met back up with some of the guys that went left. This was Michi, Nene,Maskara,carl and a few other good pilots. This meant our group was now bigger and even stronger so we pushed really hard and were making great time.

Me at goal looking happy!!

Dustin was flying really good leading out and finding most of thermals all day long for us. I just followed as I learnt my lesson 2 days ago when I bombed out. Right at the end we were all together 35kms from goal and my 4030race said I only needed another 800ft to make goal. The group went hard left for a cloud to try and top out so they had the numbers I decided to go straight for goal and I got a jump on them except for Mario. I hit a climb and did a few circles then I spotted Mario come in above me and keep going on final for goal. I followed with Primoz and we had a good final glide making it easy. Just before we crossed I noticed another glider to the left and this was Christain who had been alone all day 26kms left of the course line. I was still happy coming in equal 3rd with primoz 15 seconds behind Mario.
It was not another good day for the Aussies as the other got stuck and were slow into goal. Kriag was 24th and Dave was 39th, Chris 40th and Scott 57th.
60 Pilots made the 285km goal just shows you that there are a lot of really good pilots here. I guess that is why they call it the World Championships.

Waiting for dinner after our long flight I think we were tired!!

I moved up up 13 places into 21st Kraig is 10th,Scott is 17th Dave is 20th. for the full scores check out the link above.