Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dust to Glory!!

Today was looking goo for the Aussies with clouds and a 149kms task set we were all ready for another day of battle. we all had a pretty good start and went our own ways. Dave went hard left out of the start gate I went downwind a little then crossed left. Kraig, Scott and Chris went more downwind with the gaggle and seemed to have a better run than me as I was flying a little more in the blue.
Dave was going great and was always in front as he was under the good clouds. About 45kms from goal I met back up with the main gaggle and joined Kraig down low. I made some big mistakes at the end and finished 36th for the day. Our big champion today was Dave winning the task 4 minutes in front of the next pilot recieving the only 1000 points on the score board. He flew great did his own thing and was rewarded and I have to tell you that he was a very happy man in the goal field.

Dave and Jack Nevins at goal after his win!!!

Scott also flew really well placing 7th for the day helping bring our scores back up. I had several reports later that night from some really good pilots saying that scott was very active in the gagle and searching and making good decision. F..king spot on scotty...
Chris and adam did not make goal unfortunately as there were 92 pilots in goal.
The goal field was not ideal and there were many broken gliders as the runways at the airport were the best option for landing. I managed to drop my tip on the ashfalt and tore through my leading edge..