Monday, August 27, 2007

Party Time

Well I host Leonarda took us to an all you can eat pizza place in Ipanema. We met some of her friends there had a few drinks then went out in Lapa. Lapa is pretty much downtown Rio and is very famous for its street parties.

This is Chris with some of his fans!!

Jamie needed to work so she went home and we went out to experience the Rio night life. It was a great night out and this place we went to was amazing 3 levels of about 30 bars in the club. Each level had different music and they place was fullly packed with some amazing sights.

Me just getting into the groove!!!

The club itself was full of antiques worth hudreds of thousands of dollars on Ebay.
The people were friendly and I even sat in on a birthday party and ate some of their cake. My portuguese seems to be getting better especially after a couple of Caparinha's are in teh system. Chris was quite impressed with his first real Brazilain experience.

Some of our friends that we met during the night!!