Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Mascot Batman!!

Here is Batman flying with me at the top of the stack!!

Unfortunately Batman landed in a muddy field short of goal and he did not want give up until he had his head burried in the mud.!!

Day 2:
Francisc 0.0km 000° Cylinder R=8.0km
LaPalma 31.0km 090° Cylinder R=1312ft
RedRock 38.5km 151° Cylinder R=1312ft
Sunland 34.7km 289° Cylinder R=1312ft
Francisc 28.2km 324° Cylinder R=1312ft
Total: 132.4km
Well after a good day yesterday we were keen to do an even bigger triangle as the forecast was for higher climbs and lighter winds. I got high at the start with Jeff OB and Nene and took the 2nd start high above the rest of the guys. We did a very long first glide and got low 5 kms short of the first turn point. We had to scratch for awhile low and drift away from the turn point before finally getting back high. At this point t he last start gate guys were just starting 25kms behind us.
I thought we needed to start moving otherwise we were going to be caught up in one glide. The three of us pushed on down toward the 2nd turn point finding only light climbs. I could hear Kraig and Brett only kms away from the first turn point so I kept pushing hard with Nene just behind. Just before Picacho peak Nene and I got high for the first time since the start and Jeff was lower and pushed on for a stronger climb.
It was about now that I realized the last starters were having the same difficulties we had and there distances had not changed for the last 20 minutes. As I approached the Picacho peak I herd this jet and for the life of me I could not see it until I found him low in front of me terrain following. He headed straight up the front side of the peak in front of us and disappeared into the horizon. That was enough to scare me even though we had some separation you just start thinking if I was lower and little further in front would I have been the target.
Just before the 2nd turn point the three of us got high and then rounded the turn point and pointed our gliders into a 25kph headwind. Hmm this was not going to be easy, I kept charging out though and got low before hitting 400fpm climb with Nene. Jeff came in below us and missed and moments later he was standing on the ground watching us climb out. Nene got the better of me on the climb as I was searching for a better core to avoid drifting so far back. He left before the top of the lift and stupid me followed from below instead of staying there and climbing higher. We both did a long glide and mine ended up low over some rice fields where I eventually landed. He got another light climb over my head low and then left it and glided another 1km before landing.
Over 1 hour later I see Andre high with another glider after being very patient and taking any lift they could find. The both land another 10kms past Nene and I to win the day. It was actually Derreck Turner that won the day flying his brand new litespeed S5 that he took delivery of the day before the comp.
Andre mentioned that Derreck was flying really well climbing and gliding and making great decisions all day. Andre just followed him thinking it was Filippo all day and then got the surprise when he landed. I lost another 60 points to Andre today now 200 point behind him.