Monday, June 15, 2009

Spanish Nationals Day 9

Well it was looking good today no wind and supposed to have clouds but manybe to many. We arrived on launch and set a short 70km out and reutn task with a race start. The wind was not so good on launch and everyone was waiting for it to get better. A storm started just in front of launch and this shut things down for us. It slowly got closer and a little rain started so they cancelled the day. Some people were sitting under their gliders and others to wait for teh rain to stop so they could continue packing up. I just kept packing up in the rain cause it was only light. Out of the blue a gustfront hit from behind launch and caught many people out as there gliders were facing into the wind. Blay Snr who glider was right next to mine got picked up and fliped over onto the rocks and many others were lucky to hold theirs down. Noticed my glider was turned around already before the storm hit so I was lucky. He is glider suffered a broken crossbar as well as tears through the main sail due to the many sharp rocks on launch. The wind got even stronger and made it difficult to even pack up gliders without them blowing over. We had time for a siesta then we went to the prize giving got some trophy's and the Blay and I partied all night getting home at 7am. The Spanish really know how to party and fly.. The top 4 Ako 1st Blay Jr 2nd Jonny 3rd and Blay Snr 4th in open. It was awesome to see father and son in the top 3 Spanairds. It is not everyday that you see that any any sport yet alone something so variable like Hang Gliding.