Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Visit to Red Bull Madrid.

Well it was not a great day for flying and today we set aside to visit Red Bull and prepare for the worlds. We eventually tracked down the office and got to visit with the crew there. I really enjoy visiting different offices to see how Red Bull changes in each country. The crew is always happy to see and athlete in the office and it is like being in an instant family. Alvaro( Athlete Manager) and Jaime ( Sports and events Manager) There office is located in one of the newest and highest buildings in Spain on the 32nd floor. The view is quite nice there and I could imagine it hard to get much work done. They dont have a full games area unlike some of the other countries but they do have a Fuseball table there. The tradition of Spain and apparently the crew is getting quite good at the game. after meeting the crew and a quick chat it was time to get some product and head off to the World championships in France. below is a quick video of today's visit.( some course language)