Saturday, March 20, 2010

Manilla Fun

The alarm went off at 4am and it was time to get up and start my next journey. I was off to meet Marty, Trev and Gabor and then we were off to Manilla to meet Dave and Konrado for a fly. We made the 6 .5 hr journey to Manilla and arrived on the west launch to see Dave and Konrado setting up. Dave set a 104km triangle task around Lake Keepit ending back up in townat the airstrip. I was first to climb out with Gabor and we headed off toward the 1st turnpoint getting a good climb out on the flats. Gabor did not get as high and ended up landing on the next glide just near 4 ways. I was getting up to 7,500ft with just a few clouds on my path. I made the turnpoints and was watching Dave slowly catch me up as we flew around the course. I had a very low final glide back into town and only just made it in to the airstrip a couple of mins in front of Dave. He smoked the day starting later and charging hard in the blue getting good climbs. We were the only 2 that made goal, Trev landed at the last turnpoint and Konrado was about 12km short of it. Marty flew around for awhile then landed at Godfreys and grabbed my car to come pick up Dave and I. Here is todays Video